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Resumes ~ Stats

Film, Television, Industrial, Commercial, Print, Theater


Age range: 50-60

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Honey blonde with grey highlights

Bust: 34C

Waist: 29

Hips: 36

Inseam: 31

Neck: 13

Head: 22

Sleeve: 22

Dress: 6 - med

Pants: 27

Blouse: medium or small

Skirt: 6

Shoes: 8.5

Gloves: 8, small

Ring: 7.5

Hat: 7 (medium)


San Francisco ~ Bay Area, CA

Pacific North West; Seattle, WA and  Portland, OR

Willing to travel, current valid passport

2010 - present
2010 - present

(Partial List)

Ghost Town (Short Film)

Supporting and Producer  - Zoey

Jennifer Juelich/Neon Sky Films

Hearing Voices (Short Film)

Supporting - Dr. Rhonda

Debra Knox


The Curious Case of the Murder that Wasn't (Short Film)

Supporting - Jessica Fletcher 

Jason Morris/Resurrection Films

Jerry Nova's Love Extravaganza (Short Film)

Supporting - Lisa Nova

Johnny Roman/Kevin Ulrich/Jevin Films

Most of the Time (Short Film)

Lead - Cassie

Dermot Tynan/Claddagh Film, Ireland


On the Couch - webseries

Lead - Amber

Debra Knox/Roxy Productions


Radio Dreams

Intercom Lady

Babak Jalali/Butimar Productions


El Camino (Short Film)

Supporting - Greta

Alexander Lee/Light Show Pictures


Northern Lights (Short Film)

Supporting - Nurse

Jennifer Juelich/Neon Sky Productions


Viktor (Short Film)

Lead - Viktor

Andre Nickatina/I-Khan Distribution


House of Temptation

Featured - Ghost Woman

Hassan Zee/Zee Films


Cycling Hope 


San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival

with Barewitness Films


The Friend Zone (webseries)

Season 2, Episode 4

Supporting - Janeen

Ari Sigal/Out of the Nest Productions: Caw!


Writer’s Cramp

Featured - Fairy and 1950’s Cocktail Party Guest

Ferguson Sauve-Rogan/Once Upon A Thyme Productions


Hard Luck (Internet short)

Lead - Wife

Will Marchetti


August Bloom

Lead - Morgan

Winston Marcelle


Pitoy (Short Film)

Lead - Mayor

Andre Nickatina/I-Khan Distribution


Ghost Ship

Supporting - Dr. Hollister

Matt Lofgren/Two Can Films, LLC


Emily and Billy (Short film)

Featured - Teacher

Ari Sigal


Bamboo Dreams - (webseries)

Supporting - Gladys

Darcel Walker/Funky Tiki, LLC


Vox Populi (Short film)

Supporting - Adam’s Guide

Sky Tallone


Kitty Litter (Short film)

Lead - Carol

Greg Blatman


Coming Up

Supporting - Doctor

Shaun Au/World Frequency Films


Apple, Tree (Short film)                                             

Lead - Arlene                                       

John Clancy Tone/Earthrise Pictures  


My Favorite Memory (Short film)                            

Lead - Wife                                                  

Jake Kornbluth 



Featured - Bartender                            

Dan Pavlik


Voices (Short film)                                                     


Anthony Musante


Madoff’s Inferno   

Supporting - Ruth Madoff                   

Tomas Puig


A River of Skulls   

Supporting - Mama Rita          

Suza Lambert/Sheep Ranch Productions


The Making of “A River of Skulls”        

Self & Mama Rita                                  

Trent Anderson/The Media Group


Neon Sky                                             

Supporting - Margie          

Jennifer Juelich/Neon Sky Productions



Lead - Mother          

Christopher Rusin


Expect Murder   

Lead - Melanie          

Akhtar Shiek/Sunspot Comm. Productions


The Italian Women’s Club (Short film)   

Ensemble - Maria          

Tony Knott/Magician Films



Ensemble - Ballet Board Member       

Ron Nilsson/Citizen Cinema


‘Mo Diaries             

Lead - Mrs. Stribling                    

Tony Wilkens/Nine Twenty Productions


New Morning (Short film)                                         

Lead - Derek’s Mother                        

Derek Dabkoski



Supporting - Casino Waitress          

Ron Nilsson/Citizen Cinema


IT for Everyone (Short film)                                     


Breitgne Shaffer


Not Fade Away  

Principal - Chardonnay Gal    

Susan & Wayne Boyer/Twin Brain Productions


Just Under A Million (Short film)   

Lead - Bunnie                  

Hester Schell/Left Coast Entertainment &Mud Pie Productions



Featured - Kari        

Kerry Gudjohnsen/Barewitness Films



Supporting - Lauren

Jeremy Lum


Teachings of the Disgusting and Awful  

Featured - Friend #4                     

Alex Bernstein/Blue Whale Productions


Hell House             

Supporting - Theadora                     

Jason Morris/Digital Shadow Films



Supporting - Lisa                     

Brad Cooreman/C’est Si Bon Productions


Generation Now   

Supporting - Mrs. Levers           

Sanelle Sibanda/The Culture Productions


Phoenix Rising   

Supporting - Martha Willows           

Miriam Schalit/Rude Dog Productions


Curse of the Smoke O’ Lantern             

Supporting - Sue           

Michael Stewart/Unstoppable Pacific Productions


No Doubt                                                 

Featured - Woman in Restaurant     

Alicia Car Guess/Purple Whisper Productions


Twine (Short film)             


Shahin Gholami/Baby Joon Productions



Principal - Pregnant Woman           

Louis Morphew/Honeycutt Films 


Just Desserts (Short film)   

Lead - Katherine Wentil                     

Phil Grasso/Giant Leap Films


The Perfect Goodnight Kiss (Short film)   

Lead - Alex          

Alex Woolfson/Candleboy Films


Concession Stand Confessional(Short film)            

Supporting - Picky Lady                      

Jessabelle Labampa 


American Yearbook                             


Brian Ging/New Legend Productions


The Waves               


Yael Braha/Sixteen Productions (Cannes)


Behind the Screams              


Reelz TV

Director Michael Bruining

Hoff Productions


I Almost Got Away With It Season 2 

Episode #204 Phillip Williams

“Got to Roll the Dice”

Phillips’s girlfriend Edith

Director Evan Cecil

Indigo Films for Investigation Discovery Channel


Sekai Gyoten News
Elementary School Teacher
Duo Creative Communications
Nippon TV Network Corporation, Japan


Witch Hunters Bible

Woman in trial, accused of being a witch

Michael Hoff Prod. for National Geographic Channel


Sekai Gyoten News
Plastic Surgery Patient
Duo Creative Communications
Nippon TV Network Corporation, Japan


I Almost Got Away With It 

Episode #107 Loya

Female Bank Teller 

Episode #110 Mike Brown

Sullivan’s Wife   

Director Evan Cecil    

Indigo Films for Investigation Discovery Channel


Undercover History: The Unabomber 
FBI Agent 
National Geographic TV
Director Noel Dockstader

Winton/duPont Films


Confessions of Alien Abduction
Christina’s mom
Director Jon Taylor

Indigo Films for Women’s Entertainment Network

Vampire Secrets - Bathory segment 
Director Diana Zaslaw
Indigo Films for the History Channel

World Astonishing News
"BTK" episode

Duo Creative Communications
Nippon TV Network Corporation, Japan

Man, Moment, Machine
"Edison" episode
Edelman Productions for the History Channel

I, Detective - Episode #452
Various Characters
Michael Hoff Productions for Court TV


I, Detective - Episode #449
Various Characters
Michael Hoff Productions for Court TV


I, Detective - Episode #344
“Customer Service”
Various Characters
Michael Hoff Productions for Court TV


I, Detective
“Target Unknown”
Various Characters
Michael Hoff Productions for Court TV

Interview for Madonna Video
Oxygen Network
Oxygen Network, NYC


PG&E  in House Training Industrial

Project Manager


Facebook in House Project


Director Lucian Perkins, for Facebook 

Service Champions Training Video 

Lead: Courtney - Homeowner

Director: Jay P Morgan, JPM Pictures


Symantec “Enterprise Vault Campaign”


Director: Dave Mackie, GB Films


Cisco “Optimize Team Performance” Video


Director: Dan Pavlick, Creative Video Services


Cisco Global Technical Center Vision Video


Director: Val Valcazar, Creative Video Services

LG “Dtexter” 

LG “Ground Rules”

Lead - Wife 

Director: David Brashear



Mastering Microbiology - training and learning video
Student B
Director: Mansour Bethany

Pearson Education/Benjamin Cummings


Education Video for Thompson Wadsworth 
Supporting: Maggie 
Director: Mike Sloat, Roaring Mouse Prod.

Cisco Systems Preventing Information Leaks 
Lead: Sarah - Investigator 
Director: Paul Wood


Cisco Systems IT Showcases Technology
Lead: Becky - The Customer 
Director: Paul Wood

Hotel/Restaurant Test Video
Hotel Receptionist
The B-PAD Group, Inc./INSYNC

Tyson Foods
Lead: Mother
Nadeau Productions

"The Job Campaign Manager"
On Camera Host and Narrator
Bay Area Video Coalition

Tibco Sales Video
Lead: Runner
Peter Dippery Productions


Entopia Promotion Video
Supporting: Manager
Director: Pierre Khawand, People-onthego


The Performance Review
Lead: Manager
The B-PAD Group, Inc.


Angry Secretary
Lead: Secretary
The B-PAD Group, Inc.


Citibank Risk Management
Lead: Bank Manager


Various regional services & products.


Conflicts available upon request.

Partial List


Some examples:



Coit Carpet Cleaners

Internet ad for Winx

Role: Wife

Corduroy Media

Director: Carl Brown


National Commercial for COIT Carpets 2015

Role: Wife

Atomic Productions

Director: Marc Rauch


Cats Against Clay

for Feline Pine Cat Litter

Role: Crazy Cat Lady

Corduroy Media

Director: Carl Brown


Peel a Tray

Role: Mother

Sway Productions

Director: Ron Small


Life style shots - Bay Area
Brad Plummer Photography

Life style shots - Bay Area
Lee McLaughlin Photography

Microsoft - Life style shoot for internet
Microsoft Productions

Life style shots – New York/Paris
Amyn Nasser Photography

VISA NFL Promotion and Sweepstakes - SF, CA
ARC Worldwide 
Photographer: Toby Burditt
Football Fan

Portfolio Stock - San Francisco, CA
Photographer: JoSon 
Various looks

Portfolio Stock - NYC
Photographer: Michel Leroy
Hiker on Mt. Tam

Portfolio Stock - Bay Area and LA
Photographer: John Pickelle
Various Looks

Backroads Travel 2006 catalog & website 
- Berkeley, CA
Cover of the Hiking and Walking Catalog 
Photographer: Bob Houser 

Stock Footage - Redwood, CA
Lynn Davis Photography

Stock Footage - Novato, CA
John Lund Photography
Business Look

Stock Footage - Bay Area, CA
Photographer: Philip Kaake
Business, Garden, Casual, various

Digital Glamour - San Francisco, CA
Photographer: Godfrey Silas
Model for Website

Krames Communication - Burlingame, CA
Nurse in Brochure

Theo Photography - Oakland, CA
Fine Art Model for Portfolio

Michael Gesinger - Seattle, WA
Fine Art Model for Portfolio

Guatamalan Clothing Catalog - Alameda, CA
Clothing Model


2010 V-Day Sonoma: A benefit production of 

Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues

Solo Monologue

Director: Jennifer Blackwood

Sonoma Valley Women’s Club


After All, Part 1

Ensemble Dancer

Director/Choreographer: Erica Schuch Chong

Yerba Buena Forum for the Arts, San Francisco


Staged Reading at UCSC for Senior Screenplay class
Director: Natasha V. 

Santa Cruz

New Works West Theater Company
Kirk Baltz, Artistic Director 

Company Member

Bay Area

Murder at the Louvre
Monique St. Clair
Director: Scott Ebright
Mystery Banquet Theater, So. Lake Tahoe

How to be a Secret Agent Girl
Lead, various roles
Director: Cathleen Daly
Blue Dakini Prod.
(winner Best of Fringe, Best Female Ensemble ’01)
@ Exit Theater & Women On the Way Festival @Venue 9 San Francisco, own run


One Acts
Lead in each 3
Director: Butch Engle
Theater... @ the Center
Sonoma, CA


It’s A Wonderful Life
Mrs. Thompson
Director: Sharry Simpson
Theater...@ the Center

Sonoma, CA

Re: Place
Director: Rachel Kaplan
ZEUM Art Center, Opening Ceremonies, San Francisco


The Humming Girl
Director: Cathleen Daly
The Marsh, San Francisco


Playback Theater Company
Director: Armond Volkas
Living Arts Theater Lab

Bay Area


Children’s Theater
Claire the Loon
Local Bay Area Schools


Shaking the Tree
Original Solo
Director: Amy Mueller
Brava! for Women in the Arts, San Francisco


Fiddler on the Roof
Director: Rhoda Plymack
Masquers Playhouse, Pt. Richmond, CA


The Pajama Game
Ann, Dancer
Director: Gary Wright
Altarena Playhouse, Alameda, CA


Tokens: A Play on the Plague
Director: Robert Ernst

Producer: Whoopi Goldberg
Theatre Artaud, San Francisco


The Heiress
Mrs. Montgomery
THE BELT - Besançon English Language Theater

Besançon, France

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