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Here's what others say about Kari:



Thanks Kari. You were wonderful to work with. 

~ Jay P Morgan, Director, DP

What an incredible day we had, always an adventure!

Thank you so much for your amazing performance, energy, and being a true PRO.

You are always prepared with lines, and costumes, and have very insightful skills as an actor!

~ Debra Knox “My Slownoma” web series


What a gift having had Kari on the set of “Alarmed!” She is not only an inspiration to the craft of acting, but also in her critical role of collaborator throughout the project and as a mentor to others.  She was such a pleasure to work with and took so much of the stress out of my job as director.  Would I work with Kari again on future projects?  I couldn’t imagine NOT having her on the set in some capacity – actor, producer, writer, or as a director herself.  Social, emotional and intellectual intelligence rooted in such a beautiful individual is incredibly rare.  Kari is that soul.

~ Writer/Director Matt Lofgren, “Alarmed”

I hope we can collaborate again very soon. You're incredibly talented....I'm always amazed by your professionalism regardless how small the project is. That inspires people like me. It makes me want to elevate the next project to a much higher level. 

~ Director Shaun Au, “Coming Up”


Your gift as an actress, by the way, is that you're very natural. Nothing is ever overdone. We're very, very pleased with the work that was done and the outcome! Most excellent!

~ Director Winston Marcelle, “August Bloom”


Thanks for your terrific role in SAND. Thanks for being there for us. I thought you did a great job. 

~ Director, Rob Nilsson, “Sand”


Kari. Thanks for your continuing kindness towards our film. You were on board early, and as such, I see you as an early parent to any publicity we are getting now. It really is thanks to people like you, who have been spreading the good word, that allowed me to have that conversation on national TV. So I say congrats to you, because you were on Oprah with me! 

~Director Tom Shadyac, “I Am”


Great. And you were absolutely fantastic, exactly what I had imagined and hoped for. To make this film believable and acceptable that they die in the end, I needed the audience to know that as the author, I left Bree in good hands and there's no question that you achieved that for me.

~ Writer, Director, Jennifer Juelich, “Neon Sky”


It has been an honor working with you. You are gifted in your craft. Thank you, Thank you , thank you.

Thank you for letting me grow as a director.

~ Director, Christopher Rusin, “Fell”


Just wanted to thank you on behalf of the cast & crew for coming to set last Thursday, we sincerely appreciate your contributions and easy going nature.

~ Producer Margaux Poupard, “Friend Zone” season two.


Thank you for doing such a great job! Andre was so impressed with your performance you really did an incredible job. I'm glad you were comfortable working with everyone. 

Thanks again.

~ Producer Jon Static & Director Andre Nikotina, “Pitoy”


Thank you again for the endless energy and the wonderful performance. Cat killer!!! The clips all look great! Until next time.

~ Director Greg Blatman, “Kitty Litter”


Wow! As Lisa, you give so many ways to read you--physically, mentally and emotionally. It's fascinating improv, Kari, never pushed or rushed--you're giving us time to get inside the situation. This was absolutely your scene, and you pulled us in!

~ Writer Rebecca Otto reviewing “Support”


Thanks so much for doing a fantastic job and I'd love to work with you again!

~ Director, Producer Ron Small, “Peel a Way” commercial


Just writing to express my gratitude for your hard work on our short. You turned in a very good performance, as I see putting it together now. I will not forget your wonderful help on this. I couldn't have done it without you.

~ Director Anthony Musante, “Voices”


I watched your footage yesterday by the way, you did a great job. There was a moment in-between one of your takes when you hear Jon off camera say "Its nice to work with a good actress". Shhh don't tell anyone I told you that.

~ Director Evan Cecil, Indigo Films, “Alien Abduction” TV Episode

I just wanted to say that I have had the best success and found the most wonderful talent here on 

I just met Kari Wishingrad, an actress/voiceover/model talent! She came to the shoot on Thursday, was patient, helpful, and a good sport when we ran out of time without getting to her. On Friday, she hit the ball out of the part, becoming on the photographers favorite of the whole project. I think he took over 1000 
photographs of just her.
Why? Because she started ACTING (everyone else was just modeling), and her face became so expressive that she lit up and captivated the audience.
I highly recommend her for any of your projects. She's a joy and a real talent!
~ Producer Adryenn Ashley


I will always keep you in mind for all of my productions in the future.

Like I said in the past, when I seen your audition on tape I knew the part was yours. I believe you're a great actress and I would like to stay in contact with you.

~ Producer Gary Brummer, “Expect Murder”


I'm writing to give a reference for Kari Wishingrad, who's done several projects for us over the past few years, and whom we've come to admire not only for her talent, but also for her great attitude and professionalism.

This past summer she had a speaking role in one of the features we cast, NOT FADE AWAY, and that scene consistently kills at every screening.  It's just been accepted for the 2008 Sonoma Valley Film Festival and stars Shirley Knight.  

The fact that she continues to study and work to perfect her craft is another amazing quality.

Kari has got an impressive resume, as you'll see.

Best regards,

~ Lori Laube, American Eagle Casting


I can't WAIT for out next comedy... you are so wonderful in this movie.... it's perfect... every tiny detail.

I love it.

~ Director/Writer Hester Schell, “Just Under A Million”


I think you're a terrific actor.  It's too bad, in my opinion, that that's all I could use you for.  I think you are an especially vibrant and skilled actor, and I'd love to work with you again.

~ Director Alex Bernstein, “Teachings of the Horrible and Disgusted”


Thank you for your support during our production. 

You were great with your performance once again. You may by now know I enjoy working with you a lot. I'm glad to have had the honor to have you in our cast.

~ Sanelle Sibanda, “Generation X”


In 2006, Kari Wishingrad was cast as the leading actress in “Twine” an Independent short film which I co- wrote, produced and directed.  The film consists of three humorous vignettes about how a child left behind at a garage sale influences the lives of surrounding adults. 

Ms. Wishingrad portrayed “Cynthia” a narcissistic, pregnant brat married to an insensitive, womanizing playboy with two children from two previously failed relationships.

Kari was an outstanding contributor to this film. Her professional abilities as an Actor, to skillfully transcribe the characters depth through physicality, emotion and comedic timing, were a thrill to work with.

Kari is a quick learner, excellent at taking direction and wonderfully creative at imbuing her character with humanness and charm. I welcome the next film opportunity to work with Kari.

~ Shahin Gholami, Owner - Baby Joon Independent Film


I've had the pleasure of working with Kari on my internet serial, "I WAS A TEENAGE LOBOTOMY."  She played a wide range of characters, each distinctly different and each hilarious (and that includes male characters).  If you're looking for someone to bring your project up another notch (or two or three), Kari's your voice. 

~ Writer, Director T.O. Lowenstein, "I WAS A TEENAGE LOBOTOMY” (animation)


I have had the pleasure of working with Kari on numerous projects over the last few years. Her consummate professionalism makes it a joy to collaborate with her. She has consistently demonstrated a unique look and talent that sets her apart from other performers. She constantly strives to better herself not only by continuing and updating her education, but also by accepting different and challenging roles. Her range is extensive and she always brings fresh life and an interesting point of view to every part. I look forward to teaming up with Kari again in the very near future.

~ Paul Martin, Vineyard Productions

Chairman, San Francisco Coordinating Committee,  DGA


Kari is so natural, relaxed and authentic, yet she is so memorable on screen. I love her face! 

This is what a REAL beautiful woman looks like!

~ Director, Susan Boyer, “Not Fade Away”


One of the most professional actresses I have ever worked with, she is talented, has a great attitude and brings so much to the table that gives everyone else a run for their money.

~ Director, Jason Morris, Digital Shadow Films, “Hell House”


Kari Wishingrad is one of those precious actors who is daring, collaborative, professional, and fun to work with. She isn't afraid to take risks with her work, especially if it means producing a more honest character and/or performance. I look forward to working with her again and again!

~ Kerry Gudjohnsen, Bare Witness films, “Canvas”


"Kari is extremely talented, helpful, hard working actress who takes her craft very seriously without the ego attitude.  She took my story and shaped the film into a classic!  I'm proud to know Kari Wishingrad.

~ Writer, Director Sage Drake, "Santa Girl"


Kari is a genuine actor with great talent. She is a genuine person who arrives on the set with the same generosity and sincerity that she exudes in her performances. She is truly a joy to work with.

~ Director, Brian Ging, “American Yearbook”


Kari Wishingrad helped me with a Screenplay Reading project for students at the University of California at Santa Cruz. As an actor, she was reliable, professional, and lots of fun! She's also a real team player, and helped to make the experience a positive one for the entire ensemble and all the students involved. I'd gladly work with Kari again. 

~ Natasha V., Screenwriting Instructor/Director


Kari is the most versatile actress I know. Extremely talented and equally daring. I've worked with her on two films so far and didn't have a single bad take within her scenes...even when I threw her down the stairs - she landed right on her mark! She's a pleasure to have on set, always on time and prepared. She can take a role and do all the things a director wishes every actor could do - get completely into character and add the tiny nuances which transform a script into eye catching, memorable, believably fantastic drama.

~ Director, Ian Phillips 

I love working with Kari.

She is directing me in videos I'm doing about my days in radio. She is inspiring, smart, patient and a pleasure to work with. Kari is a pro who knows how get a project to move along and does it with charm and grace.

Yesterday's shoot went well. It was extremely productive.

My performance, delivery and creative ability improved in large part due to your presence and coaching on the set.

I loved performing in front of the camera just as much as I did working with a live radio mike.

I think with your help I'll get even better. Thank you.

~ Len Tillem, “I’m a Lawyher” video series

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